WannaCry ransomware attack and it's prevantion

WannaCry ransomware attack

WannaCry  ransomware is a malware virus which attack's on pc on microsoft and  lock you'r  pc with all of you'r data you can only take you'r access back to you'r computer by paying ransome to  thia malware attacker ( There demand is always high 10000$ - 1000000$ )
So try to avoid downloading unknown file from internet and use good antivirus to prevent from this malware wannacry ransome virus attack almost 60,000 pc's are infected by this wannacry ransome attack .

What is wannacry ransomware attack ?

Wannacry ransomware attack is a biggest cyber attack of 21st centurey "Thia virus  attack's by internet if download  malware files from internet it comes woth them into your pc and  lockt your pc and have full command on it and hackers demand ransome money to return your data without loss ( victim has to pay there ransome if they want there data back )

How to protect yourself to become a victim of wannnacry ransomeware virus attack ?

To protect yourself from wannacry ransomeware virus attack you should need to download latest security guard or antiviruses which can detect this virus a nd prevent you to become victim of this malware virus its specilly targeting windows software due to its lack of security hackers have founded a way through windows to automatically install this virus in your pc.

Free tool to proctect your pc from wannacry ransomeware attack :- 

Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware is a free security tool that can protect against existing and emerging ransomware attacks.

Download anti-ransomeware tool
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Save your loving one's

Wanncry ransomeware attack is still not over so before downloding anything from internet or from you'r mail just think and check and if you think it is check than download it other wise just ignore it .
# Take backup of you'r data daily .

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